TD Model TD-Mixvent Series
The S&P TD-MIXVENT series of in-line duct fans have been specially designed to maximize the airflow performance with minimal noise levels within the smallest and most compact housing size. This makes the TD-MIXVENT series the ultimate solution for small to medium sized ventilation installations, which require a high airflow to pressure ratio and occupy only the minimum space possible. Example: false ceiling voids, cabinets and many other limited space environments.

PV Model PV-Powervent Series
The S&P POWERVENT (PV) are designed for direct connection in-line with standard diameter round ducting. This powerful combination enables the PV fans to deliver exceptional airflow performances against high static pressure typically found in ducted ventilation systems. All motors within PV fans are fully speed controllable using voltage or frequency control regulators.

SWF Model SWF-Sidewall Series
When indoor space is limited, the Sidewall Fan Series (SWF) has been specially designed for an easy, low profile, exterior wall installation. The Sidewall Fan Series (SWF) of direct drive centrifugal in-line ventilation fans consists of five models ranging from 4-8". All models are designed for direct connection in-line with standard diameter round ducting. Airflow performance values range from 119 CFM up to 416 CFM.

SWF TR Series - The Ultimate ERV
S&P’s TRs moderate extremes in both temperature and humidity, creating a comfortable indoor environment. The unique moisture transfer capability of the S&P core also eliminates condensation and frost build up in most applications. Unlike other ERVs on the market no mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies, easier installation and more reliable operation.

SQD-SQB Models SQB and SQD Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fans
Models SQB and SQD Square Inline Centrifugal Duct fans are the perfect selection for clean air applications where space is a leading consideration. Model SQB fans are available in sizes 7 through 42 with airflow performance from 100 to over 24,000 CFM and static pressure capabilities to 3-1/2". Model SQD fans are available in sizes 6 through 15, moving up to 2,800 CFM with static pressure capabilities to 1".
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