Fans for Hydroponics Applications
Exterior Wall Installation with SWF-SIDEWALL
When indoor space is limited, the Sidewall Fan Series (SWF) has been specially designed for an easy, low profile, exterior wall installation. The Sidewall Fan Series (SWF) of direct drive centrifugal in-line ventilation fans consists of five models ranging from 4-8". All models are designed for direct connection in-line with standard diameter round ducting. Airflow performance values range from 119 CFM up to 416 CFM.

Roof Top Ventilation Solution with TH-MIXVENT

Need to go up through the roof? Soler & Palau's TH-MIXVENT roof top series is powered by the TD-MIXVENT fan. The 5 models of TH-MIXVENT fans, ranging in performance from 100 cfm up to 1050 cfm, are supplied for exhausting air; however, the motor and impeller housing can be removed and turned 180 to provide supply air ventilation. All models incorporate standard single phase two speed motors. Designed for direct connection to round ducting.

The internal aerodynamic design of the 4” through to 12” S&P TD-MIXVENT in-line duct fans enables the unit to generate large air volumes and pressures with the minimum of in-duct or radiated noise. This makes the TD-MIXVENT series the ultimate solution for small to medium sized ventilation applications which require a high airflow to pressure ratio while occupying only the minimum space possible. Ideally suited for hydroponics applications.

These and other S&P products are available through Rambridge.
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