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Bathroom Exhaust

If the strongest, quietest, bathroom exhaust system is what you seek…look no further. S&P offers the perfect solution with the most options. The popular and exclusive TD series bathroom exhaust kits (for single or dual venting points) or the ultra powerful PV series (also, for single or dual vents) for long or complicated duct runs. All S&P bath kits offer remotely mounted fans featuring a powerful fan mounted in the attic (away from the living space). The result is a “Turbo” powered fan (much stronger than generally associated with bathroom exhaust) and yet a peacefully quiet operation.

Range Hood Exhaust
Range Hood

Today the kitchen has become the heart of our homes, it’s where we relax, gather and enjoy our family and friends. S&P offers a range of inline fans to fit your range hood needs by offering many advantages over traditional (in hood) fans. By virtue of the remote mounting, the noise is kept further from the living space, therefore reducing the sound level of the fan. Remote mounting also allows for a duct silencer (SIL) to be mounted between the fan and the range hood, reducing the fan noise level by another 50% or more. S&P remote fans also offer extended duty times, low maintenance, and do not detract from the homes aesthetics, unlike some unsightly roof mounted units. S&P remote fans are the clear choice for the strongest, quietest installation.

Clothes Dryer Boosting

If you have a dryer with long or complicated duct runs, S&P offers the perfect solution to increase dryer efficiency: the PV100x Dryer Booster Fan. The PV100x has been specifically designed to handle dryer boosting applications when overcoming long or complicated duct runs. This system helps save on drying time, moisture build-up, wear and tear on your dryer, and helps save on your electric bill. The centrifugal blade design is able to overcome extreme resistance from the most challenging installations. The PV-100x offers a fully enclosed motor, which ensures a long, trouble free life; thus making it the right choice for enhancing the performance of your clothes dryer. Finally, a resolution. The PV-100x fan is available separately or as part of a kit that includes everything necessary for a hands-free operation. Once the system is installed you will no longer waste time, energy or unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer. The next step is to select which activation best fits your needs.

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