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S&P has a wide range of accessories available. Below we have grouped accessories according to which product(s) they apply to and type of accessory. Click on the Accessory name to view the product submittal.
Dryer Booster Kit Accessories and Switches

SPT-100x - Pressure Switch with tubing and probe

CS-325 - High Current Sensor
LT-100 - Lint Trap
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TD Accessories
MBR - TD Circular Fan/Duct Connectors
MAR - TD Fan Circular to Rectangular Flange
MRJ - Mesh Type Grills
MCA - TD Twin Direct Connection Backdraft Shutters
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TH Accessories
TH-CURB - TH Roof Curb
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WA & DA Accessories
PIE - Support/Mounting Feet
ACOP - Flexible Flange Connector
BRIDA - Round Duct Matching Flange
DEF-T - Wire Protection Guard
DEF-D - Wire Guard
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General Accessories
BOC - Metal/Plastic Adjustable Round Grills
GRA - Aluminum Exterior Fixed Grills
GR - Plastic Exterior Fixed Grills
PER-CN - Aluminum Louvered Shutters
PER-W - Plastic Louvered Shutters
SIL - Inline Duct Silencers
CAR - Backdraft Dampers
MFL - Filter Boxes
ACOP-V - Vent Mounting Clamps
ME - Round Adjustable Metal Elbow
IG - Inlet Guard for PV
SY - Sheet Metal Adapter
SR - Increaser/Reducer
TW - Nylon Tie Wrap
RC - Roof Cap
ID - Flexible Insulated Round Duct
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Electronic Accessories
SCS5 - Speed Control
EPBT-60 - Electronic Push Button Timer
SC - Speed Control
SCR - Speed Control
FLTD-60 - Fan/light Delay Timer Switch
SRT-30 - Rotary Spring Wound Timer
SHW-20 - Wall Mounted Dehumidistat
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